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Moon Ifetayo

More About Me

After realizing I had an eye, about a year later, I advanced to portraits of people and families, weddings, couples & any and all other sessions that allowed me to express my creative and artistic mind.

Photography for me isn't just about being able to take a picture, it is being able to capture a moment and turn it into something beautiful which, can be found in anything. All needed is a little light, and a full heart.

While I am extremely passionate about my art, what I look forward to most is the feeling your happiness gives me. There's a great reward in unconditional happiness.

Photographing You is Entirely About Creating a Visual Story 
It's an experience that's offered in exchange for your trust in my eye. A Studio Session built purely around your comfort using real life + second life knowledge of Photography to capture your moment.

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i truly believe we get so caught up in every day non-sense that we forget beauty literally exist in everything. this includes those things, (or people) that society deems ugly. what one person thinks is ugly, another person may find it to be the most beautiful thing they've ever seen.

that is an evolved heart.

that is pure love.

and that it the power of photography.


i have an admiration for simplicity.

subtleness in art is attractive to me. it pulls me in and holds my attention.

i love shadows with small peeks of light. i love textures and patterns. black and white -or- muted toned images speak so loudly, i'd have to say they are my favs.

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