Moon Studio

Meet the Team


Prahspurr W. Mareoux

Photography Assistant

A Proud Member of Lambda Rho Lambda Sorority, Photography has become my comfort zone and passion.

I love to capture the essence of not only the beauty of a person but moments that can be a reflection of remembrance.

I enjoy being unique in my own way which allows me to show my flexibility in a different light.

As a former student of Moon Studios I've learned to take that leap by giving my all that will create the confidence in believing in my work. 

I think outside of the box and color outside of the lines.


Kemijah Renegades

Social Media Manager

From having years of experience creating music to various art forms, I turned my love for creating into photography. Imaging scenes and lighting to bring out my visions bring me joy. Creating is my happy place.


Mchawi Ifetayo

Head Photographer / Instructor

Moon Studio was Birthed from the Idea of Wanting to See Everyone Around Me be capable of creating something beautiful with their own Hands.

The reality is, we all are a fan of someone, however to be able to work hard on something then sit back and admire how captivating it is, is a different type of feeling, admiration even.

Looking at a finished image and saying "I Did That" is the type of Validation we each need to Learn to Give Ourselves.


I Am Honored to Guide Your Thru the Process.


I began Photographing Landscape RL in 2010. It was nice to pull my camera out occasionally and take photos of sunsets, all kinds of patterns, animals and even candid photos of people.