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Moon Studio Workshops

Moon Studio SL is a Metaverse Photography School that provides a unique learning experience to help students master the art of photography in Second Life. We offer one on one classes to anyone, from beginner to advanced with a focus on assisting students in becoming more knowledgeable in technical photography skills as well as compositional skills and light editing.

Our mission is to create a learning environment that is both creative and inspiring, and to equip our students with the skills they need to take their photography to the next level. We strive to make Moon Studio SL a place where students can expand their creativity and hone their craft.


Class 5-homework-1_001-enhanced_edited.j

Although no workshop is the same, please be mindful and attentive when signing up but look forward to your photo taking time will decreasing, photo result quality will increasing and your ability to easily and quickly maneuver thru camera and light settings sharpening by the end of the workshop


*Please note though basic editing will be introduced, these are PHOTOGRAPHY workshops not EDITING workshops meaning our main focus is on getting a perfect photo SOOC (straight out of camera) leaving post processing minimal.


Editing Workshops fall under the 'Mini Workshop' Category and are announced.

Meet Our Students

1 on 1 or with a Group

There's more than one option to choose from!

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